You are currently viewing 30 Bamboo Gift Ideas – 3 different price points

30 Bamboo Gift Ideas – 3 different price points

Name any thing or object and there is a chance it can be made out of bamboo. So when it comes to giving gifts for your friends, family, and work colleagues, you can find a bamboo gift for anyone. 

The list of bamboo gift ideas could get incredibly long. But you have not come here to look through thousands of things, right?. For your convenience, I have made 3 price categories – Budget, Medium, and Premium. There are 10 gift ideas in each price range.

So let’s jump into the list! 

Bamboo gifts on budget

1 Reusable bamboo straws

Reusable bamboo straws are a great present for many people – your cocktail loving college friend or the eco-conscious cousin. They look great and the little travel and storage bag can replace the wrapping paper. That’s a win-win! No need to buy extra packaging and looks beautiful.

2 Fun saltbox

Salt boxes with salt are a traditional housewarming gift. They are inexpensive but practical and can be a fun little accent piece in the kitchen. There are endless options of saltboxes on Amazon and many different design variations. 

At the end of the day – you can put anything you want in a saltbox – other spices, little kitchen bits and bobs, jewelry, whatever needs a little nice-looking storage.

3 Bamboo coasters for drinks

Coaster sets make a fun gift for almost anyone – there are so many design options from fun to classy. 

Bamboo coasters are a beautiful and natural accessory and of course, they help keep the furniture from staining. Whether it`s red wine or coffee – you don`t want your tables looking like a color explosion with time. 

Coasters give an easy way to decorate for different events. There are never too many coasters at anyone’s home. They don`t take much space and help change the decorations without trying too hard.

4 Bamboo alarm clock

A modern natural alarm clock that is not in your phone is a great gift for those who have a bit of an addiction to scrolling their social media and news feeds in the morning. It is also a great design object that makes the home more beautiful. A simple minimalistic design is perfect for a bedside alarm clock.

5 Phone case

All phones these days look pretty much the same be it any Android or iPhone. A unique phone case is a way to show off your personality while protecting the phone. Bamboo phone case gives an elegant look to the phone and is more eco friendly than a plastic or leather case.

6 Phone stand

Got a friend who likes watching lots of videos on a phone or tablet? Why not give them a fun phone stand to balance the device? Phone stand doesn`t have to be boring – an elephant-shaped stand will look good even when it stands on its own without any devices.

7 Wine table for picnics

Okay, you love wine and so do your friends. And you love wine on picnics. What would make your friends super excited? You guessed it – a cool bamboo wine table that slides easily in the ground and lets you balance those wine glasses so you can eat the snacks with both hands. 

8 bamboo toothbrush travel set

Normally, toothbrushes don’t seem like a gift idea. But when it is a natural bamboo toothbrush and comes with a classy travel case, it gets much more attractive.

Bamboo toothbrushes are getting more and more popular. And for good reason – they are eco friendly and will not litter the planet for hundreds of years to come as the regular plastic toothbrushes will.

9 Bamboo toothbrush holder

This elegant and natural bamboo toothbrush holder is a nice gift for those who like having natural and eco-friendly things in the house. It is simple and beautiful and goes well with most bathroom designs.

It is also a universal product – it can hold not only toothbrushes as the title suggests but will be great for organizing make-up brushes, hairbrushes or pencils. 

10 Bamboo travel mug

No matter where you get your drinks – make them yourself at home or run by the local Starbucks, a nice travel mug is a must.

If you are choosing a gift for that person who always has a coffee in their hand, they will appreciate having a beautiful bamboo mug instead of always having to get disposable ones. It looks great and saves so much waste of going to landfills after daily fix of coffee. 

Medium priced bamboo gifts

1 Bamboo steamer basket

A bamboo steamer basket is a cool gift for those who like Asian food and also love cooking at home. Steamer basket works great for steaming dim sum, dumplings, vegetables, rice, beef, chicken, fish.

Steaming is a healthier way of cooking than boiling or frying so you can try to introduce your health-conscious friends to the magic of steaming food. 

2 Bamboo Sunglasses

I get it, you see sunglasses on pretty much every gift idea list. But rightly so – it`s hard to live without them in sunny places. And everyone tends to lose them from time to time – it`s hard to keep all your belongings on you when you`re relaxing on a beach.

So people are always happy to get them as a gift. Why not surprise them with a pair of bamboo sunglasses? 

3 Bamboo Watch

A bamboo watch is a nice gift for men. The watch in the picture comes in a beautiful round gift box that is also made of bamboo.

It will be an interesting accessory as well as do that obvious function – tell time. It is great to tell time without touching the phone. 

4 Bamboo beach handbag

If you need to find a gift for that person who likes going to the beach in style, look no further. This bamboo beach handbag is not your basic tote bag. It definitely will stand out in the crowd.

5 Destination Bamboo cutting board

Laser engraved bamboo cutting and serving board is a simple yet effective way to celebrate the local pride. The picture shows Texas but you can get any state you want! 

One side for cutting, the other for serving

6 Bamboo salt and pepper grinder

Salt and pepper grinders are a staple for kitchens. They also make for an elegant and useful gift. 

7 Bamboo essential oil diffuser

An essential oil diffuser is one of those things that have a double function – it is a decorative object in the room while also giving out the nice smells of essential oils you put in there. Most people use them for camping essential oils for a more relaxing home.

8 Bamboo keyboard and mouse

Wireless bamboo keyboard and mouse is a gift that will make everyone’s work or home computer stand out. It looks very different from the typical computer parts. 

9 Portable bamboo speaker

We all sometimes need a portable speaker. So a compact, stylish bamboo speaker will make a great gift for the people on the move.

10 Bamboo bath tray

Bamboo bath tray is a gift your bath obsessed friends will adore. If you know anyone who spends a lot of time soaking in the water, give them a practicum and good looking bath tray to put all their items on for maximum relaxation.

Premium bamboo gifts

1 Vince Camuto bag

A bright and unusual crossbody bag will be a perfect gift for the fashionista in your life. There is no such thing as too many bags! This will be a great addition to any bag collection. 

2 Bamboo skateboard

Bamboo skateboard? Sounds a bit unusual. And it is. But it is also better. Bamboo skateboards last longer and are more flexible and stronger than maple boards. 

3 A modern design clock

A creative design wall clock makes for a perfect accent piece in the room and will be a much-appreciated gift. 

4 Bamboo Roman blinds

If you are looking for a gift for someone who is making changes in their interior, ask for the measurements of their windows. Natural Bamboo blinds make for a nice practical gift. 

5 Bamboo bicycle

Bamboo bicycles are the ultimate best gift. They are light, unique, and adventurous.

6 Bamboo nightstand

These stackable nightstands offer a great variety of uses in design and allow the owners to experiment with their placement. 

7 Bamboo rocking sun lounger

This is the perfect gift for the people who love lounging in the sun and do it with style. Lightweight, portable, comfortable, stable, and durable – these are only some of the good words about the bamboo lounger

8 Design lamp

A classy design lamp makes for a beautiful gift. A bamboo lamp creates a warm and elegant atmosphere in the room.

9 Bamboo for planting

Before choosing a bamboo plant for giving as a gift, check whether it fits the climate and whether the homeowners will appreciate the gift. If they like bamboo, this will be a perfect addition to their landscape. 

10 Bamboo wall mirror frame

A wall-mounted mirror frame is another gift that works as a design object and is also practical.