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12 Housewarming Gifts Made of Bamboo

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A great housewarming gift is both beautiful and useful. If you are looking for a nice gift made of bamboo you are in luck – there are thousands of different things made of bamboo. 

Because there are so many to choose from you may get lost. That`s why I have narrowed it down to 12 gift ideas to make the choice easier for you.

My choice for best bamboo housewarming gifts for the eco-conscious people in your life are:

  1. Bread box
  2. Saltbox
  3. Beautiful spice jars
  4. Set of coasters 
  5. Bamboo cutting board
  6. Bamboo kitchen utensil set
  7. Bamboo charcoal bags
  8. Essential oils diffuser
  9. A lap desk
  10. Candle lantern
  11. A lamp
  12. Set for board game Go

Best housewarming gifts made of bamboo

A Bamboo Bread Box

Many cultures have a tradition to give a loaf of bread as a housewarming gift. When you are giving the gift of bread you are symbolically wishing the new homeowners “may your house does not know hunger”. 

Why not take it up a notch and put that bread in a beautiful bread box? 

A bread box is both a practical and stylish gift. It keeps your bread fresh for longer and prevents it from drying out. It also makes the kitchen look tidier it there is no bread lying around on countertops. 

Check the price and various design options on Amazon.

A Saltbox

Along with bread, salt is one of the most traditional housewarming gifts. It is given with a message,  “may your life always have flavor”. 

And naturally, when you are bringing over salt, you will not show up with a plastic bag of salt, you want to present it nicely.

This is where a nice saltbox comes in. There are so many designs available for any interior and taste. Even with bamboo saltboxes, the choices are almost endless, you can go for a classic round one or choose different colors, shapes, and decorations. 

Spice Jars

Bamboo spice jars are an excellent housewarming gift for new homeowners who love cooking and spending time in the kitchen. A passionate cook can never have too many spice jars! This is another practical and stylish gift.  A nice set of spice jars can really make a kitchen pop.

You can get pre-filled spice jars or choose a design of your liking and then fill it up. Either way – they will be an important kitchen staple.


Bamboo coasters are a beautiful and natural accessory that comes with a bonus – they help keep the furniture from staining. It is important when you move into a new house and want to keep everything looking fresh for as long as possible. 

Coasters also are a good way to decorate for different events. Because they don`t take up much space, the new homeowners could choose to keep many sets of coasters at home. Why not add a set of natural bamboo ones. 

Bamboo coasters are great for that Zen cup of green tea on a Sunday morning or the classy wine and cheese evening with girls. 

Cutting Board

A cutting board is a great housewarming gift – it is practical and every homeowner needs multiple cutting boards. 

If you choose one made of bamboo it also acts as a design object. You don`t have to hide it every time you are not using it – it can sit on the countertop and look great. 

Cutting boards come in all shapes and sizes but for practical use, it`s better to stick with the traditional rectangular cutting board. 

If you want, you can get one that writing and good wishes on it. Many sellers even offer to personalize cutting boards for gifts. So this is a chance to get creative!

A Utensil Set

A nice set of bamboo utensils is a simple but thoughtful gift. Especially if you are going to a young persons housewarming. Maybe they have not spent much time in the kitchen before and don`t have much of the basic equipment. 

Bamboo spoons and spatulas are friendly for pans and using them will prolong their life. And natural materials make it look way classier than silicone equipment in flashy colors. 

Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifier Bags

Bamboo charcoal contains millions of tiny pores that absorb odors, bacteria, chemicals, and moisture from the air. The air purifier bags are completely safe, non-toxic, and fragrance-free, unlike chemical air fresheners. 

There are many plain bags available. But for a housewarming gift, you may want to choose something with a cute and colorful design. Unless, of course, the people who are having the housewarming party are really in love with the color grey…

Essential Oils Diffuser

Essential oil diffusers make a great gift for those who love having their home smell nice by natural means as opposed to artificial air fresheners. 

Essential oils not only make homes smell nice. They also are believed to have a certain influence on mood. For example, peppermint essential oil is known to boost energy, and lavender has a calming effect and can relieve stress. 

Diffusers are needed to disperse the small molecules in the essential oil through the air so that they enter the body by inhaling the scent. 

Essential oil diffusers also come in all kinds of designs. Check Amazon to find the one you like most. 

A Lap Desk

A bamboo lap desk is a great housewarming gift for many people – whether they like to chill with movies and snacks or love working and studying in bed, there is always a reason to be comfortable. 

I like the one in the picture because it has a slanted stand for the laptop but also a flat space for your accessories, drinks, and snacks. It will truly be a multipurpose one. 

Check out other options as well, there are many good designs available. 

A Candle Lantern

A candle lantern is a perfect housewarming gift if you are going to an actual house instead of an apartment. Candle lanterns are super cozy and classy accessories for outdoor spaces like terraces and gardens. 

If you can imagine having many beautiful evenings on your friends’ terrace sipping tea while the sun is setting and having some lanterns lit for ambiance and visibility, definitely get the bamboo lanterns. 

A Bamboo Lamp

There are many beautiful lamps made of bamboo. And they can make for great housewarming gifts. However, I would suggest you only get a lamp if you have talked about it to the people who would be receiving it. 

Lamps are very important in designing the living space and if you have a relationship where it would not be awkward discussing what gifts they want to receive, this would be a very meaningful gift. 

GO Board Game

Now, board games, in general, make for good housewarming gifts because they bring friends and families together for fun times. But there are not that many games that also look great. 

If you get the classy bamboo set of Chinese game Go, you are in luck. It works great not only as a game but looks great as an interior decor when sitting on the shelf.